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Conscience Void of Offense – Edsel Trouten

January 31, 2007

This convicting message by Rev. Edsel Trouten was preached on June 30, 1992. This message deals with having a conscience void of offense. It is a challenging but much needed message in our day!

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The God I Worship – S.I. Emery

January 31, 2007

This sermon was preached on January 2, 1973. I have often heard of Rev. Emery, but I don’t know much about his life or when he passed away. I have several sermons by Rev. Emery which I will be adding in the near future so stay tuned!

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Christian Living in a Corinthian World – Albert Barr

January 30, 2007

This sermon is another “instant classic.”

One of my favorite preachers of all time is Rev. Albert Barr. He has recently had some serious health issues, and needs our prayers. He is a “living legend” in my mind and so this message is a “classic” while he still living.

This sermon deals with “Christian living in a Corinthian World.” The message is about living a holy life in the midst of a sinful world. This is the type of message on holy living that I believe in. I’ve heard a lot of messages in my time that have dealt with issues and standards that I wanted no part in. This message is an example of how I believe one should preach on holy living.

This sermon was preached at the Alabama Bible Methodist Camp Meeting in the late nineties (I’m not sure of the exact date).

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IHC 1977 – R.G. Flexon

January 17, 2007

This is one sermon you have got to hear! Actually, it is not a sermon. From what I understand Dr. Flexon was asked to speak before the mass choir sang at the Inter-Church Holiness Convention in 1977. At this point Dr. Flexon was 82 or 83 years old. To the best of my understanding he was to give a challenge to those in attendance. God came while he was speaking and there were many who got blessed (including me while listening to this in 2007!) and there were many who came to the altar to pray. In this “challenge” Dr. Flexon shares some interesting things about his life. This is a fascinating listen from a man God used powerfully in his lifetime.

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